Tennis School in Vienna Doebling

We take care about your proficiency in tennis. We will teach you tennis even you don’t know anything about it and we are happy to introduce you to basics of tennis game. Don’t hesitate to come and try several hours of tennis with professional trainer.

We are currently offering following types of tennis school:


Professional personal trainer for adults and kids. Both individual and group tennis lessons for kids and adults in wonderful tennis courts in Vienna Doebling. We start teaching tennis from complete beginners to professional players.


We organize tournaments available for public and for unregistered players. Everybody is welcome. We are trying our best to match proficiency of all players in tournament to make really challenging game! We also organize company staff tournaments and games.

Tournaments and ranked competitions

For passionate tennis players who want to train more intensively and compete successfully in tournaments or ranked competitions, we offer:

  • Possibilities to train with professional trainers who have years of tournament experience, both at the Austrian as well as international level.
  • Assistance in finding and arranging partner-clubs who play competitive tennis at the level sought.


Tennis kindergarten is here for all kids of 5-12 years. Kids are divided according to their skills to groups of no more than 4 kids. Purpose of this training is for kids to gain basic body moving and tennis playing skills.


In summer we organize traditional summer tennis camps for kids. There are possibilities to play in pairs or individually with trainer. Summer tennis camps in Vienna Doebling are very popular. After several following days of tennis kids can see improvement of their game very well. Also parents are happy to give their children great entertainment when they have to be in the work.

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